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Also the discord link doesn't work for me?
Henry any chance you still have a worldmap for download?
Congratulations to ShelteredBoar for becoming the new builder on the server!
This weekend's sale is 15% off of Rank 4! /sale [link]
This weekend's sale is 15% off of Rank 3!
This weekend's 15% Sale is off of Rank 5!
Survival 5.0 is now released! /s5
I am so pleased to see the server still going, might log back in tonight, if I can get past all the dust that is obscuring my minecraft XD
I was showing ninja my pop items and clear lag hit taking my creeper mask Venus flower and mystic pearl could I get those items back?
Certainly has Bryan!
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Server News

Server is on a break!

Whos Henry aOwnerAdmin posted Feb 2, 18

"We were on a break!"

That's a Friends quote if you didn't realise... Yes as most of the few active players the server has had lately, there's been talk of the server shutting down temporarily for financial and time reasons, I can now confirm this. The server has been slowly and slowly declining in active players and therefore donations, right now I cannot afford to keep the server up and I have had a lot of work come in lately too so I have had no time to put towards the server to create some new things which in turn, has made the playerbase decline.

It's a shame but there's nothing I can do right now, the last 2 month's rent I've covered myself. Now I'm not saying the server will never come back, I want it to. The server had a break before back in 2013 or 2014 (I forgot when...), but it came back!

The server rent is up on 12th February which ironically, is my 25th Birthday, woo?! Therefore a few days before, I am going to shut it down, download all the files to my computer so I have them safe and sound for when I want to revitalise the server.

On Febrary 9th, Anorchous and Raigna are holding a party with some awards they want to give out, so if you can, please join then! 

The Discord is staying open so you guys can still chat with each other, if you haven't joined already, join here.

Thank you to everyone who has joined the server, we've all made some great friends I'm sure. I've really enjoyed working on it and I've had a lot of fun, here's to the future!

- Henry

P.S. If you find another Survival server you guys want to play on, feel free to put it in the Discord channel so we can all play together again.

Countdown to Christmas 2017!

Whos Henry aOwnerAdmin posted Dec 1, 17

❆ Advent Calendar 2017 ❆

It's December 1st and the countdown to Christmas on the server has begun! The 2017 Advent Calendar is here. Every year since 2013, myself and Staff have created special items with a specific theme given to people every day alongside other gifts and presents.

This year's theme is Christmas around the World and the items have been created by Anorchous and Raigna!

Start collecting your items now by typing /advent and explore Christmas Town.

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