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Congratulations to ShelteredBoar for becoming the new builder on the server!
This weekend's sale is 15% off of Rank 4! /sale [link]
This weekend's sale is 15% off of Rank 3!
This weekend's 15% Sale is off of Rank 5!
Survival 5.0 is now released! /s5
I am so pleased to see the server still going, might log back in tonight, if I can get past all the dust that is obscuring my minecraft XD
I was showing ninja my pop items and clear lag hit taking my creeper mask Venus flower and mystic pearl could I get those items back?
Certainly has Bryan!
Ola Henry and the others. Been a while hasn't it? lol
I have scheduled the Weekend Sales for the next 3 weekends, to find out which ranks are going to be discounted, visit the schedule - [link]
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Server News

Countdown to Christmas 2017!

Whos Henry aOwnerAdmin posted Dec 1, 17

❆ Advent Calendar 2017 ❆

It's December 1st and the countdown to Christmas on the server has begun! The 2017 Advent Calendar is here. Every year since 2013, myself and Staff have created special items with a specific theme given to people every day alongside other gifts and presents.

This year's theme is Christmas around the World and the items have been created by Anorchous and Raigna!

Start collecting your items now by typing /advent and explore Christmas Town.

Welcome once again to the monthly WhosHenry server newsletter! A little server update and review of the spookiest month!

Top clan of the month is Adamantium with an extremely high KDR of 5.2 and congrats to ShelteredBoar for finally becoming Builder Pro! Top Voter of the Month is mamaj!

Now onto the server changes and updates! A big change in op armour - custom durability was added to meteorite and obsidian armour - meaning the lower the durability the higher the chance of losing more durability with each hit -  you can do /alldurability to find out the durability of all your custom items you are wearing and in your inventory.

This month was a big decorating-update-month with the price of microblocks reduced and the really cool edition of furniture! Do /warp furniture to see all the items showcased, from fish tanks to guillotines! I hope this will mean you all have spruced up your bases real good and proper!

Also to be noted is an added server rule in regards to clans and bounties - it is now punishable by temp ban for leaving a clan to kill an ally/ friend for a bounty. Just a lil fyi for you guys!

October also brought the /deposits menu, /sit, /help, being able to teleport with a horse whilst you're riding it, nerfed crossbows, new and improved tab listm an increase of the server view distance, a Moon Phase Clock (now you can check what cycle the moon is in so you're readily prepared to fight the werefolf bois), and a major exploit with duplicating was found thanks to Henry's detective work (and finally a reason for Justin being op as heck), and the best addition to the server this month, a /mobs menu! It details the custom mobs and their drops and attributes and all that jazz! This was my first coding thing for the server so you guys best do /mobs and appreciate it in all of its glory.

Of course spooky month comes with a spooky update: Halloween crates, new scary mobs, new drops including cute candies, and a selection of rare Halloween items and a halloween pumpkin hunt created by Ano! I hope you all enjoyed your Halloweens! And now for the countdown to Christmas ;)

Special thanks to this month's donators: ProFireWork, burrito_tornado,  _Gamers4life_ and IsoCat!

Thank you for reading this month's issue of the server newsletter - if you have any suggestions for new topics or segments for next month's issue please comment below!


~Ellie (ElectricCherry)

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